Gaius Tullius

Dark-haired, brown-eyed, bodily trained man in his thirties


“Disillusioned deserted Tiberian legionary.”

“Worst judge of character you’ll ever meet.”

“Become a great warrior to make father proud.”

“I will never go back to the Ninth Legion.”

+4 Melee +2 Ranged - Ardency
+2 Parcours +3 Physique +1 Curation
- Finesse +2 Dominance - Charm
+3 Awareness - Empathy +1 Illusion
+1 Scholarship - Deduction +1 Volition
Refresh: 3 / 6
Killing Stroke Once per scene, when you force an opponent to take a consequence, you can spend a fate point to increase the consequence’s severity.
Take the Blow You can use Physique to defend against Melee attacks made with fists or blunt instruments, though you always take 1 shift of stress on a tie.
Provoke Violence When you create an advantage on an opponent using Dominance, you can use your free invocation to become the target of that character’s next relevant action, drawing their attention away from another target.
1☐ 2☐ 3☐ 4☐
1☐ 2☐ 3☐ -
1☐ Fleeting 2☐☐ Sticky
3☐ Prolonged 4☐☐ Lasting
Leather Vest 2☐
Crested Helmet An ornamented helmet with nose guard and decorated ridge. 2☐
Bronze Shield A small round shield made of bronze. (Shield:1) 1☐
Gladius The standard issue sword for cutting and thrusting. (Pierce) 1FP

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Gaius Tullius

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