Thermal magic (which is the same as Frost magic, Ardency or Firebending) is a form of Magic which enables you to perform magical actions of manipulating fire and frost. When you use your body’s capacity to summon energy to manipulate the Thermal Power of your surroundings, use your Vitality to summon frost or fire. You can then use that power to gain advantages or inflict damage. These powerful attacks cannot be simply defended against by usual means, you will want to find cover, get out of the way fast, or summon a counter spell.

Permission: To use the light magic Extra, your High Concept must reflect that you can bend and manipulate light magically. You can either include one of the light magic using Archetypes in your High Concept or describe your own unique training in manipulating light.

Star Thermal Sense

You can detect the slightest changes in temperature, if there is a source of warmth nearby, you can feel it from a considerable distance.

Overcome Overcome

Change Power: Use your Vitality to overcome the size of a source of thermal power to diminish or enhance it. Create or put out a fire, freeze the surface of a lake or melt ice to water (do not drink!).

Create Create an Advantage

Seize Power: Use your Willpower to overcome the size of a source of thermal power. If you succeed, you can hold its size as thermal power. When seizing the power from another caster, you can also let it loose and inflict its power as damage to them.

Summon Power: To create a new source of thermal power out of thin air, set yourself a target number that represents the source’s size, anywhere from a fair (2+) on upwards. Use your Vitality to roll against your set target. If you succeed, you can either hold the target number’s size as thermal power, or create an aspect and get free invokes on it.

Attack Attack

Project Power: You can expend thermal power you hold to attack a target. Even though you don’t use a weapon for this, you don’t count as unarmed.
- If your target is in arm’s reach, use Agility or to do a melee attack.
- If your target is out of your arm’s reach, use Precision to do a ranged attack.

Imbue Weapon: You can enhance your attacks with a weapon to profit from the weapon’s bonuses and the thermal power. However, the heat or cold will degrade it after one attempted attack. Wood gets charred or brittle, blades and points become dull, and whips and ropes get burnt or stiff.

Defend Defend

Contravene: When you are attacked by a thermal power, you can dispel it using Vitality to roll against the amount of power in the attack, rather than the attacker’s roll. see Example: Fireball

Hold Power: When someone attempts to seize a source of thermal power held by you, use Willpower against Willpower to hold on to it. The aspect that you are “Focused on the source” cannot be invoked against you.

Focus and Concentration

While you hold a source of thermal power, if you try to do other things, you take a situational Aspect which can be invoked or compelled against you:

“Focussed on [the source of thermal power]”


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