A Character in Legacy of an Empire have eight attributes:

Agility Charisma Intellect Precision
Sentience Strength Vitality Willpower

instead of the normal Fate Core skills. These attributes are much like classical role-playing attributes (like Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha), or closer to Fate Accelerated’s Approaches.

👣︎ Agility: A character’s Agility is a measure of how fast they can move their hands and feet, react to an attack, sneak up on people or stay hidden from their view.

⚖︎ Charisma: A character’s Charisma is a measure of how effective they are at convincing people, deceiving or lying to others, seducing someone, or haggling for a better price.

🎓︎ Intellect: A character’s Intellect is a measure of how fast their mind works to come to the right conclusions, taking in important information, or reading and writing difficult scripts.

🎯︎ Precision: A character’s Precision is a measure of how well they are at hitting a target, picking a lock, tinkering around with fine materials, or stabbing at exactly the right spot.

👁︎ Sentience: A character’s Sentience is a measure of their general awareness and presence in the world, the precision of their senses, or their sensitivity to other people’s expressions.

💪︎ Strength: A character’s Strength is a measure of how heavy things they can lift, how hard they can hit something, or intimidate others with their raw physical power.

🖤︎ Vitality: A character’s Vitality is a measure of how fit they are, how long and far they can run, swim, or how well they can ride horses.

☯︎ Willpower: A character’s Willpower is a measure of how stubborn they are, how much courage they can muster in the face of danger or adversity, or resist attempts of manipulation.

Start and Advancement

Full article: Advancement

A new PC starts with one Good (+3) attribute, two Fair (+2) ones, three Average (+1) and four Mediocre (0) attributes.

Minor Milestones: You don’t get to switch your Attributes at minor milestones as you would with skills.
Significant Milestone: You don’t get additional point at a significant milestone. you only get to switch the rank values of any two attributes which are 1 point apart from each other.
Major Milestone: You get an additional point with which you can advance one Attribute as long as you have at least one other attribute at each lower level.


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