Character Creation

When creating a new Character, use a character creation sheet and go through the following steps. You start with a Refresh of 8 and you can acquire Extras, Equipment or Stunts by reducing it. You can roll for initiative to decide who goes first, or just let the story take you from one to the other. Consider each step to be a turn you take, triggered by encountering someone new or answering a question like “who are you?”. To guide you on your initial adventure, you can play through one of the quickstart scenarios.

General Appearance

First thing to notice about your characters are their physical appearance. Write up general traits about them, their species, their hair or fur color, any distinctive characteristics like prominent wounds or missing limbs, their stature like height or build, their age, or gender. Pick anything that would be part of the first impression your characters make on a stranger, you can add in details later.

At this point, you can also already describe whether your character is more of a fighter type, and buy them some weapon for 1 refresh, some kind of magic user, and give them a form of magic ability for 1 refresh, or more of an artist or artisan. You don’t need to fill in all the details yet, just give a rough idea of what you broadly appear to be good at.


"I appear to be a middle-aged Faun woman who is missing her left horn, but the right one is long and pointy. My fur is a shaggy brown with a patch of black just below the nose. I carry a long, oaken spear (-1 refresh) with a bronze head and ceremonial carvings in is shaft."

"I’m a tall and slender Sprigg with a crown of leafy tendrils sprouting out of my head. I have gleaming green eyes and a spotty gray skin that resembles the bark of an birch tree. Something about my appearance seems to be unnaturally … radiant." (possible magic user)

“Who am I?”

The second thing to do is figuring out the basic identity of your characters. Find out their name, where they come from, what is their primary occupation in life? Maybe swing that sword of yours to see whether you know how to wield it. Light a fire or push around objects with your mind to discover that you are a magic user.

Character Creation

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