Normal people don’t carry around all their stuff on their person all the time, especially not loosely dangling around without even a bag! So unless you can clearly state how you carry an item around without it getting in your way—e.g. sheathing a sword in a scabbard, or shouldering your bow—you create a situational Aspect that can and will be invoked against you. For a comprehensive suggestion how to handle all your shiny loot, see the article on Loot.

Even when you carry around a bundle or backpack, you should drop it while your in a physical conflict and recover it later, otherwise it might get invoked against you. You cannot invoke items that are stored in your backpack, unless they give you some advantage without being out. Your backpack, on the other hand, can be invoked or compelled if you are carrying it in an unfortunate situation.


All items are composed out of three features: an aspect, a measure of their weight, and sometimes a stunt which they enable the carrier to perform.


Every item has an aspect which describes what it is or what it can be used for. These aspects can be invoked in a situation where the specific aspect gives you an advantage. Weapons, Armor or Shields cannot be invoked to grant bonuses in a physical conflict. However, they can be invoked in other situations when they make a difference, e.g. to threaten an NPC into revealing a piece of information.


In addition to an Aspect, some items grant you an item stunt without reducing your refresh. An item stunt follows the same rules as a normal stunt, it can cost a Fate Point, or can only be used once per a given time period, or be limited to a specific situation. An item stunt can also be used to alter or bend the rules slightly.

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