In Legacy of an Empire, there are five distinct fields of magic, called “Forms of Power”. Each form follows slightly different rules, described in a corresponding Extra. Although all Characters are in principle able to access all Forms of Power, without following the requirements of the Extra, it is much more difficult.

“Cast Power” Actions

Magically powered actions are Overcome, Create an Advantage, Attack, or Defend actions which are enabled by one of the Forms of Power. Everyone can use these powers if they have a high enough Skill, but with an Aspect representing their additional experience magic users can do it more easily, or perform even more impressive feats by using magic stunts.

Mental Stress

If you fail in performing a magical action, you are in danger of losing control over your spell. You have to mark off mental stress to absorb the amount by which you failed to retain your control. You can absorb stress by taking consequences, but be aware that the GM gets a free invoke on it. When you can no longer mark off enough mental stress, the powers you wield backfire and you are taken out of a conflict, if you are in one.

Forms of Power

Magic Power always takes a physical form in the world, either of kinetic, thermal, luminous, mental or organic power. You can gain proficiency in a certain Form of Power by following the prescriptions of the corresponding Extra, take an Aspect that reflects your familiarity with the power, increase the Skills relevant to that power and spice things up by learning matching Magic Stunts. The most common forms of magical power in this world are:


Thermal power attacks cannot be defended against by fighting them but their strength diminishes by +2 per zone. Thermal power can take the form of heat or cold.

Thermal Power


Treat an object’s inertia as it’s held power, you can borrow it or imbue it with mit energy to move it. You can move objects, yourself or others.

Kinetic Power


To hold a luminous spell, you must stay focused on it as long as you want it to last. Manipulating luminosity can be used to make light, form it, or absorb it.

Luminous Power


You are always an intruder in someone else’s head, even when you help them you need to roll against their active opposition. You can also enhance your own mind, which goes without active resistence.

Mental Power


Manipulating living organisms usually requires you to be able to directly touch or come into contact with them. Manipulating vital power can be used to enhance or reduce life, but you can’t create new life.

Organic Power

The Sixth Power

There are rumors about one or possibly multiple other forms of power, which have been lost to history or not yet uncovered by morals. The search for such a mythical “Sixth Power” is a common pursuit among the more—eccentric magical practitioners.


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