There are several types of NPC (Non Player Character) in Legacy of an Empire: Major NPCs are basically like player characters, the Creature template offers a unified format for all minor NPCs, the Group template for swarms, hordes or other large groups of creatures. In addition, a town or city can also be treated as a kind of NPC using the Settlement template.

Major NPCs

Any major NPC, who appears often or is otherwise important enough to warrant the time, should be modeled using the normal Character template.


Minor NPCs: “Creatures”

A Creature is the catch-all concept for any sort of minor NPC which is still important enough to be encountered alone or in small groups. It can be a monster as well as a person or an animal. However, for swarms and larger groups the Group template should be used. The Creature template can also be used for pets, followers, spirits, elementals, etc.


Groups of NPCs

A Group is any sort of NPC that is encountered in large numbers. A group is made up of a definite number of members which are however not individually modeled, but appear only as a group. The Group template can be used for swarms of bees, spiders, a pack of wolves, herds of deer or sheep, gangs of bandits, a squad of city guards, or even your own personal mercenary group. Whenever a group has a leader or other member with exceptional abilities or function, that one should be modeled separately as a creature or even full character.



Although a Settlement is not strictly speaking a non-player-“character”, the Bronze Rule provides an easy and powerful tool to creating not only characters and Equipment, but also towns and cities, and even entire armies as if they were characters.



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