A spirit is a primarily non-physical being with a simple mind of its own and some powers to affect the world. The most common way how they come into being is through intense emotions or string wills directed towards inanimate objects, natural forces, or abstract thoughts. Others might once have been living physical beings that shed their body but clung to their thoughts and emotions so hard they did not vanish.

There are several types of spirits, mostly classified into groups depending on their attachment to physical things:

Pure Spirits

Pure spirits have no physical form or physical representation in the world. They are the hardest to detect but also have the least amount of influence on the physical world. They purely consist of thought and emotion, have only mental stress and consequences, and can only be attacked through Mental Power or by tricking them into believing a contradiction.


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Elementals are spirits who constitute themselves through the use of one of the magical powers. They can be thermal (ice or fire), kinetic (rock, air, or water), luminous (light or lightning), or organic (in plants or corpses). Mental spirits are pure spirits and do not count as elementals.


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The gods are the most powerful spirits known to humanity — and others. They are set apart from other spirits through the awesome powers they have amassed and bound to themselves. They now rule vast parts of the world as supreme beings in pursuit of their otherworldly goals in a constant battle for powers and dominion.


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