An equipped weapon gives you access to one or two stunts but gives you no weapon bonus as it would in many other games. Rather, not having a weapon gives you a disadvantage. If you lose your weapon or don’t have one, you get a situational aspect “unarmed”, which can be invoked against you in a physical conflict. When you disarm an opponent you get a free invoke on it.

Weapon Stunts

All weapons give you a stunt. Only one weapon stunt can be used at a time and switching weapons during a physical conflict requires an overcome action against your opponent. Using a weapon stunt usually comes at a certain cost, this can be paying a Fate Point, opening yourself up to negative consequences, or only being able to use the don’t under specific conditions.

Example Stunts:
Slashing A standard hack and slash attack with a sharp edged weapon allows you to force your enemy to take a consequence up to a given size. This stunt usually comes at no cost.
Piercing When you take a jab or thrust at your enemy, you can force them to take a consequence and ignore their armor up to a given number. This usually comes at the cost of exposing yourself in some way.
Reach Force your target to overcome Fair (+2) opposition before they can attack you. This can only be used at the beginning of an encounter or at the cost of invoking a suitable Aspect, e.g. “Pushed Away”.
Useless against ranged or reach weapon
Forceful On a success with style instead of getting a Boost, you can create a full Aspect “Knocked off your Feet” with a free invoke. Your target needs to overcome your active opposition before they can attack again.
Sharpshooter Your weapon can attack an enemy from up to 4 zones away but is useless in melee combat. This stunt can only be used by a Character with good (+2) Ranged skills or higher.

Bows and Arrows

When using a bow you practically never run out of common wood arrows. After all, you can always carve new ones from twigs and branches. Running out of arrow could be a compel, but that is up to your narrative. You can run out of special kinds of arrows that have extras themselves. You only have a finite number of special arrows and once you fire them, they’re gone.

Weapon Examples:
Composite Bow

All Weapons


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