Deity of wisdom and death


“The eternal scholar of the secrets of life and death”

“Hardly bothered with the machinations of mortals”

Eyes of Truth
“A pair of cold gleaming eyes that pierce all screens, physical or metaphorical”
Allsight Sophos’ gaze cannot be evaded, when in the presence of Sophos the truth is revealed.
Scroll of Life
“An endless scroll containing the lives of every living being”
Biographer Every detail of anyone’s life is written down in the scroll of life, and Sophos knows it. You can have no secrets from Sophos.
Scythe of Death
“A large, charred black scythe that always feels cold to the touch”
Grim Reaper When a life comes to an end, the scythe of death reaps its soul for the afterlife. When you take out a being with Sopho’s Scythe, you are granted a Favor.
“A small, light grey owl with piercingly sharp eyes and talons”
Grim Portents The owl, Elytra, acts as Sopho’s eyes and ears in the world and reports back what she sees.

Sophos is an old Aeolian deity and reigns over the realm of Hesperus, the resting place of the dead. Sophos is the counterpart to Apheleia, deity of life and fertility, who rules over Phosphorus, where newborn souls come from.

A famous Aeolian Ascetic, called Theoainos, once speculated that both Phosphorus and Hesperus where the same realm and the fallen, gone in the dusk of death, would be reborn in a new dawn of birth. However, his ideas never gained any traction, for how could both be the same thing if they so clearly carry different names?

Image source: WIP Anubis by kian02


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