Patron God of the Tiberian Republic


“The Lord of the Power of the Sun”

“An ego grander than the pillars of the earth”

Eyes of Fire
“Hot glowing eyes whose gaze feel like a blaze of fire when falling on you”
Gaze of Fire Tiberion’s gaze can scorch the earth and incinerate mortals, and win every staring contest.
Skin of Gold
“Skin of shining gold that is tough as metal but smooth as silk”
Magic Metal Even though it looks like gold, Tiberion’s skin cannot be hurt or molten by heat or fire. Mortal weapons can also hardly even prick it.
Crown of Empyreon
“A crown of laurels that once framed the head of Empyreon”
Power of Will When Tiberion is fully focuses his will on a single thing, that thing must obey and happen.
Voice of Dominance
“A voice when unleashed trembles the earth and the hearts of people”
Grim Portents When Tiberion speaks he cannot be ignored. When he threatens, people fear, when he urges, fight to death, when he challenges, all but the boldest crumble.
+8 Melee +9 Ranged +10 Ardency
+8 Parcours +7 Physique +5 Curation
+6 Finesse +10 Dominance +6 Charm
+7 Awareness +6 Empathy +5 Illusion
+5 Scholarship +5 Deduction +9 Volition
1☐ 2☐ 3☐ 4☐ 5☐ 6☐ 7☐


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