Minor Milestones

During a minor milestone, you can choose to do one (and only one) of the following:

  • Change any stunt for another stunt.
  • Purchase a new stunt, provided you have the refresh to do so. (Remember, you can’t go below 1 refresh.)
  • Rename one of your Character Aspects except for your High Concept.

In addition, you can also rename any prolonged consequence you have, so that you can start them on the road to recovery, presuming you have not already done so.

Significant Milestones

In addition to the benefit of a minor milestone, you also gain both of the following:

  • You get to switch the rank values of any two Attributes which are 1 point apart from each other.
  • If you have a lasting consequence, you can rename them to begin the recovery process, if you haven’t already.

Major Milestones

Achieving a major milestone confers the benefits of a significant milestone and a minor milestone, and all of the following additional options:

  • If you have an extreme consequence, rename it to reflect that you’ve moved past its most debilitating effects. This allows you to take another extreme consequence in the future, if you desire.
  • You get an additional point with which you can advance one of your Attributes as long as you have at least one other attribute at each lower level.
  • Rename your character’s high concept if you desire.


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