Agility is one of the basic Character Attributes. It is a measure of how fast someone can move their hands and feet, react to an attack, sneak up on people and stay hidden from their view.

Overcome Overcome

Acrobatics: When you try to juggle, walk on a rope or do flips, use your agility.
Stealth: When you try to stay undetected, use your agility to overcome your opponent’s Sentience.
Reflexes: Use agility to overcome obstacles with speed and quick reflexes.

Create Create an Advantage

You use agility to create an advantage when …

Attack Attack

Kick: Attack an opponent with your feet or legs. If your opponent uses a weapon, this attack is dangerous and you take negative shifts as damage if you fail.
Slash: Make use of a bladed weapon’s slashing ability to force your opponent to take a consequence, unless they wear sufficient armor.
Strike: Use agility to attack with a melee weapon to inflict physical damage.

Defend Defend

Dodge: Use agility to defend against most attacks by evading them. You can invoke a situational advantage against slow attacks made with Strength.
Parry: If you are wielding a melee weapon, you can use agility to defend against melee attacks. If you parry an unarmed attack, on a success you inflict damage to the attacker.



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