Other Dice

If you do not have Fate dice and are looking for a replacement using normal six-sided dice, there are at least two different methods for doing so. The first is introduced in the Fate Toolkit:


Take two six-sided dice of different colors. Designate one as the positive die and the other as the negative, and roll. Subtract the negative from the positive to get a result of -5 to +5. Doubles are always a zero. It’s “swingier” than four Fate dice, and the range is broader, but it’s close enough for jazz.

However, if subtracting on-the-fly all these number is not your idea of a fun time, or if you only have dice of the same color — and find it tedious to always roll them one after another to reproduce the same effect as having two different colors — try the following:

2D6: ⚁ ⚅

Rating # Mod.
Legendary 15 (+8)
Epic 14 (+7)
Fantastic 13 (+6)
Superb 12 (+5)
Great 11 (+4)
Good 10 (+3)
Fair 9 (+2)
Average 8 (+1)
Mediocre 7 (±0)
Poor 6 (−1)
Terrible 5 (−2)
Horrible 4 (−3)
Disastrous 3 (−4)
Abysmal 2 (−5)

Roll two six-sided dice and add them together. This produces results from 2 to 12 so shift the normal Ladder accordingly — see the table. Consequently, you will also need to raise and difficulty level by 7.

For passive opposition, you can either add 7 to the skill rating of the character posing it, or write up all enhanced skill ratings alongside their normal modifiers beforehand. The latter reduces the amount of adding up numbers on-the-fly even more, which minimizes the interruption of the game flow.

Fate Core has removed the need for distinguishing between ratings and modifiers on rolls which other systems such as D&D would use. Simply reintroduce the distinction between skill ratings and modifiers and write them both down on your character sheets — e.g. “Great: 11 (+4)” or simply “9 (+2)” or when using the standard Fate character sheets maybe alongside the skill name: “Empathy (10)”.

Other Dice

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