Quickstart "The Apoletheon"

You awaken in a cold and desolate place, confused, feeling numb. You have no memory of where you are and how you got here.

The Apoletheon is a scenario to quickly start a new Legacy of an Empire campaign that incorporates Character Creation directly into your gameplay. Every player starts by rolling the dice without modifiers. Whoever got the highest score is the first to wake up in this strange place.

by InterstellarDeej

The world around you seems barren and devoid of life. The twilight of dusk surrounds you but no sun stand in the horizon, you can’t even see the horizon for the mist that blends seemlessly into the cloud laden sky.

General Appearance

You look down at yourself, study your features as if you saw them for the first time. Describe what you look like. What species are you? Do you have any special features? Write them down as a first draft on your character creation sheet.

Quickstart "The Apoletheon"

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