The inhabitants of Tellus understand themselves as belonging to various races, Tiberians, Fauns, Tuatha, etc. using the term to denote different species as well as ethnicity. The term is therefore somewhat misleading, as every Human belongs to a single species that is only subdivided into subspecies and ethnicity, while a Sylvan is a member of any number of species grouped under a common genus. To make things worse, the term Simian would actually include humans as well but is only used to refer to the species of the Vanara.


The most populus sentient species on Tellus are the humans. They are also the most ambitious and tend to carve out kingdoms and empires wherever they settle. They are a highly varied and culturally diverse people:

Aeolian: Although still technically human, the Aeolians are the descendants of gods as well. They have taken on external characteristics of their progenitors, such as metallic looking skin and glowing eyes. Despite all this, Aeolians are still mortal and have been descimated by the loss of their home in the fall of Aeolia.

Ashari: The Ashari are actually not a distinct subspecies of humans but rather a magically altered offshoot of the Aeolians. They do not serve the gods as their distant relatives, but rather seek power for themselves. Through magically induced mutations they have however become something—different.

Tuatha: Through millenia of geographical isolation from the rest of humanity, the Tuatha have become a distinct human subspecies. They are highly carnivorous, have hightened senses and are far more agile than other humans.



Minotaur: (also called Kusarikku) …



Vanara: The Vanara are the dominant sentient species on the continent of Locria. They are often described as the “Monkeyfolk” by humans.

Note: Yes, technically all the humans also call under the category of Simians — but they don’t know that, and neither do the Vanara, so who are we to group them together?!


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