Archetypes are not classes! When creating or developing your Character, you can freely pick and choose features stunts or concepts from any archetype. The world is a big place and even a mere farmer can learn the ways of the Druids, or a street urchin can learn to enter a pact with a spirit. Just, as always, make sure you can explain how you came to learn your exotic abilities and let the fiction lead your choices.

Many of these Archetypes can easily be combined, others seem rather far fetched, but who am I to stifle your creative backstory ideas. When combining two or more Archetypes, you need to reflect each in a separate Aspect of yours. Accordingly, choose the one you feel is the more important to be part of your High Concept, for that is much more stable than other Aspects.

Professions and Callings

Patrician: The lawmakers, diplomats, judges, representatives, or in general heirs of wealth, titles and … responsibility.

Thief: Robber, pickpocket, cutpurse, mugger, crook, swindler, burgler, shoplifter, smuggler, housebreaker! Whatever the hey call you, a thief is a thief.

Hunter: The primary goal is to catch the prey, through stalking, chasing, shooting, fishing, or good old trapping.

Artisan: Cooks, brewers, potters, weavers, tailors, shoemakers, blacksmiths, jewelers, painters, barbers, hairdressers, weavers, stonemasons, bookbinders etc.

Farmer: You plant crops and harvest then, keep cattle and other livestock and maybe produce bread and cheese. How about an adventure?

Merchant: You trade in — anything really. You get around a lot and know half the world. You know how to make deals and friends — well, good acquaintancs.

Entertainer: Can you sing, act, dance, juggle, narrate, or play an instrument? Well then step right up and enjoy the show.

Trained Fighters

Gladiator: These show fighters in the arenas of Nahrain and the Republic of Tiber are versatile with regards to weapon type and know many dirty tricks. They are used to fighting alone or in small groups and not the battlefield.


Legionary: The main infantry of the Republic’s army. Used to fight in units using spear, shield and the gladius for close quarter fighting.|

Immortal: Trained fighters and guard for the Ashari nobility. The Immortals fight with magically enhanced means.




Warden: The faunish guardians and protectors, prroficient with a bow, hatchet or javelin.

Magic Users

Ardentus: (pl. Ardenti) The main battle sorcerers of the Republic of Tiber. They specialize in offensive and fire magic.

Ascetic: An order of solitary monks who profess to follow the teachings of the ancient Aeolian Ascetics.

Augur: (pl. Augures / Augurs) The priest class and main support magicians of the Republic of Tiber. They practice divination and augmentative forms of magic.

Banshee: The (only female) magic users of the Tuatha. They believe only woman have the natural gifts to do magic.

Chanter: (sometimes fem. Chantress) A guild of Gaean magic users who have managed to gain some influence under Ashari rule through suggestion and seduction.

Druid: The spiritual leaders, poets and diplomats of Faun society. They practice mostly natural and persuasive forms of magic.

Faery: (pl. Faeries) The fabled and mysterious Spriggan magic users. They are highly skilled in playing mind tricks and weaving light into illusions.

Magus: (pl. Magi) A cast of powerful Ashari magic users who gain their power through spirit pacts and mental domination.

Shaman: The spirit masters of the Tauren people. …

Wiccan: (also Witch / Wizard) These are the Gaean counterparts of the faunish Druids. Their pragmatic craft is much more focused on potions and hexes.


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