An equipped piece of armor or shield gives you an additional consequence slot, that can be used to reduce stress once. When you take the consequence, the piece of armor is broken and has to be repaired by a specialist.

Normally, you cannot invoke a worn piece of armor to get a bonus on a defend roll in a physical conflict. Wearing armor does not make you better at defending yourself, but it does mitigate certain types of damage. Each piece of armor grants you the option to reduce slashing damage by paying 1 Fate Point. When wearing multiple pieces of armor, you can invoke them all at once for only 1 Fate Point and add up their bonuses.

You cannot use a Fate Point just given to you by the character attacking you!

Example Armor:
Armor:3 You can resist 3 points of slashing damage and take stress instead. 1FP
3☐ Cracked Armor You can absorb 3 points of damage but break your piece of armor.
Armor Examples:
Muscle Cuirass
Leather Vest
Lorica Laminata
Crested Helmet

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