Any player character or major NPC uses the same character sheet. A character has Aspects, Attributes, Stunts, mental and physical Stress (Endurance and Concentration), Consequences, and can have Extras and Equipment.

Features of a Character

Aspects: Your character has four aspects rather than the usual five in Fate Core. Pick a name for your character that sounds great and more or less fits the culture you are coming from.

Stress & Consequences: Physical Stress works just as in the normal Fate Core rules. Mental Stress also works as normal but is also used when using Magic to keep control over the powers you summon.

Attributes: A character’s Attributes are quite different from the normal Fate Core skills. You get advancement rules.

Stunts: While stunts can still be freely invented, there are also a number of predefined Stunts primarily coming from the Archetypes that players can choose from.

Equipment: Gear ans Equipment plays a big role in Legacy of an Empire. Armor, for example, is the only way to compensate the much higher vulnerability of characters. Most items are therefore treated as extras.


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