Being a peaceful and laborious people, the Fauns were the first non-human race to be incorporated into the Republic of Tiber. They are mostly herbivores and have developed an extensive agriculture, growing diverse crops, from grains and fruits to even eatable flowers, trees, and shrubs. The only animals you’ll ever see them keeping are bees, as much for their honey as for pollinating their flowering plants. They produce the sweetest wine and mead in the republic.

Faun (by apeldille)

They have carved out their place in the Republic as successful traders, farmers, artisans and some of the most famous and loved actors and musicians. Most fauns choose lives of peace and stability and it is rare that one of them joins the military ranks. Although Faun culture has a deep rooted tradition of Druid practices and nature-related forms of magic, not many are particularly gifted in the more direct and destructive forms of combat magic used in the Republic’s army.

Although they have become very respected among the cosmopolitan elite of Tiber and many cities in the Republic, there remains a lingering racial prejudice among more rural or poor communities of humans. A common insult and derogatory term for Fauns is “Puck” or “Smelly Puck”, mostly in reference to the very strong body odors. In return most Fauns look down on the uncivilized plebs and find them “Apish” or “Monkey-men”. But most Fauns are peaceful and amiable and can often sway crowds to like them through musical performances, storytelling, or their general charm. Full-out hostilities are therefore very rare within the Republic.


Fauns are a sylvan race and display the typical horns, furry body, stump tail and hooved hind legs. They usually have goat-like horns that are straight to spiraling several times around. Their pupils are horizontally slit with the most common eye colors in brown, yellow or green tones.


Heightened Senses

Fauns have better hearing and sense of smell than humans, which is why many of them are considered great cooks and musicians. Although their sight is slightly worse than that of humans, it is most often only to a negligible degree.

Racial Stunt Examples

Forest Dweller You come from the idyllic forests. Once per session, pay 1 FP and make a connection with a wild creature from your surroundings. 1FP
City Faun You lived in the cities alongside humans. Once per session, pay 1 FP and notice a cultural quirk or habit the people around you display. 1FP



Fauns are typically much more scared of water than other creatures. In consequence most fauns have never learned to swim properly. They detest getting wet and commonly refuse to wash.

Male Odors

Male fauns (colloquially called “bucks”) tend to have a very distinct and strong body odor which other fauns and certain species seem to like, but many humans find very offensive. Most bucks who live in human societies therefor heavily rely on the use of perfumes.


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