Fighting in the arenas of Nahrain or the Republic of Tiber, these professional fighters are trained to both entertain a crowd and survive the often lethal combat shows. Gladiators are usually not Magic users, but there have been some exceptions to that rule.

by NeilBlade

Many who are now gladiators had been enslaved and forced to fight and earn their living in the arena. Others were free people who decided to give up a life of security for the glory of winning or because they were faced with little alternatives or financial hardship.

Gladiator is one of the Archetypes which a player character or an NPC can follow. Simply follow these guidelines to fill in the character sheet.

High Concept

The character’s High Concept must describe them as being a gladiator and not include any other archetype. Gladiators can be of any race or ethnicity although people from Gaea, Aeolia, or Phrygia are the most common.

" [Any race] + Gladiator + [one or two idiosyncrasies] "


As a gladiator you are primarily trained in single combat and can fight even without a weapon. You get the following extra:

Martial Arts: Fighting often against better armed opponents, Gladiators have learned to use their hands, feet and body to defeat their opponents.



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