In Legacy of an Empire, there are five distinct forms of magic. These arise from the metaphysical nature of the world. Through innate talent or rigurous training,
a person can reach out mentally and change the physical or mental layer of reality. Every magic capable Character can sense the structure of the energies of their form of magic in the world:

Magic Sense: You have an additional sense for the magic energies of your preferred form. You intuitively detect these energies when they are present in your surroundings, and can use your Sentience to study them closely or search for them.

Forms of Magic

Magical energy always takes an immanent form in the world, which can be either of kinetic, thermal, luminous, purely mental or in form of a living organism. If you are a gifted or trained individual, you can access and manipulate these energies. Each form follows slightly different rules, described in their corresponding Extras. Although any Character is in principle able to access all forms of magic, without following the requirements of the Extra, it is much more difficult.

🔥︎ Fire Magic: (Ardency) The manipulation of heat and cold has many applications. For example, you cannot defend against attacks of ice and fire by normal means, however, their strength diminishes by +2 per zone.

🌀︎ Kinetic Magic: (Telekinesis) You can move objects, yourself or others. Treat an object’s inertia as it’s held power, you can borrow it or imbue it with mit energy to move it.

✨︎ Light Magic: (Dwimmercraft) Manipulating light can be used to make light, form it, or absorb it. To hold a light magic spell, you must stay focused on it as long as you want it to last.

🎭︎ Mind Magic: (Spiritism) You are always an intruder in someone else’s head, even when you help them you need to roll against their active opposition. You can also enhance your own mind, which goes without active resistence.

🌱︎ Organic Magic: (ZoĆ«tics) Manipulating living organisms usually requires you to be able to directly touch or come into contact with them. Power over the vital energies can be used to enhance or reduce life, but you can’t create new life.

The Sixth Power

There are rumors about one or possibly multiple other forms of power, which have been lost to history or not yet uncovered by morals. The search for such a mythical “Sixth Power” is a common pursuit among the more—eccentric magical practitioners.


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