Physique is one of your Skills, which is a counterpart to Parcours, representing the character’s natural physical aptitudes, such as raw strength and endurance.

Special: The Physique skill gives you additional physical stress slots. Average (+1) or Fair (+2) gives you a 3-point stress box and allows the use of a Prolonged (3) Consequence to absorb physical stress. Good (+3) or higher gives you a 3-point and a 4-point stress box, and the use of all Consequences to absorb physical stress.


You can use Physique to overcome any obstacles that require the application of brute force—most often to overcome a situation aspect on a zone—or any other physical impedance, like move heavy crates or smash locked gates.

Create an Advantage

Physique has a lot of potential for advantages in physical conflict, usually related to grappling and holding someone in place, making them “Pinned” or “Locked Down”. You might also use it as a way of discovering physical impairments possessed by the target—grappling the old mercenary tells you that he has a Bum Leg or some such.


Physique is not used to harm people directly—see the Melee skill for that.


Though you don’t generally use Physique to defend against attacks, you can use it to provide active opposition to someone else’s movement, use your body to block or tackle them.


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