Spriggans are a northern, forest-dwelling Sylvan race whose skin and horns have adapted so much to their surroundings that they almost look like they’re made of wood. Many people therefore actually think, they are related to trees—some kind of tree-people—how crazy is that! In fact they are distantly related to the Faun and Minotaur races — although they don’t know it.

Origin unknown

The Tuatha believe the Spriggans to all be demons that life in the underworld or under the sea, or some other kind of nonsense. They usually call them something like the “Fomorians”, “Fae people” or simply “Morians”. These beliefs most likely stem from the ability of Spriggans to endure harsh environments and even being underwater for much longer than humans or other sylvans. The idea that they live in those places is however pretty silly.

Althoug they are social beings and live in sometimes large groups, Spriggans tend to not have any strict or permanent hierarchies among themselves. They like to crown summer kings or queens and hold pretend courts, but those habits are mostly to facilitate glamour and celebration. In reality most Spriggans are very strong willed and unwilling to bind or commit to any long-term relationships, neither political nor romantic. Most Spriggan children are simply raised within the large group with little direct oversight and tutored by whomever they find interesting enough.


Spriggans have small to medium-sized branch-like horns on their heads and a tough, dry skin that often breaks — although with no negative effects to the owner — which to many non-sprigg eyes looks almost like bark — I am Groot. The resemblance of tree-creatures is made even more perfect by their habit of adorning themselves with leaves and flowers and even craft their jewelry into many plant forms.

A feature of the Spriggan species that distinguishes them from their Sylvan cousins is the high prevalence of intersex individuals, some of whom are even capable of parthenogenetical reproduction. This, in conjunction with the very short gestation period — which really makes them look like just hatching a sampling — only adds to the tree-people myth. — Is this too much biology stuff for fantasy, be honest?


Although the following is not an extensive list and not to be seen as set-in-stone rules, when including “Spriggan” in your High Concept, you can invoke it in these ways:


Due to their thick bark-like skin, Spriggans are able to endure more harsh environments, and are able to hold their breath much longer than others, due to high myoglobin levelsuh, no! … I meant of course … due to their magical nature. ✨


Many Spriggans tend to be perceived as androgynous and can pass as both male or female in the eyes of most other races, even other Sylvans. Most have learn to make use of this.

Example Stunt:
Barkskin Your skin is tough as tree bark. Once a session, you can ignore up to a 2-point physical Consequence and simply not take it (including slashing or piercing damage). 1FP


Here are some of the possible problems that might come from being a Spriggan and ideas of how it could be compelled against you:

Social Ineptitude

One of the most difficult things for a Spriggan is to understand and follow social norms of other peoples and cultures, due to their natural stubbornness and crass distinctiveness of Spriggan society.


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Dryad by sketcheth
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