The world had become smaller when the ancient Aeolian god king Empyreon united it under a single empire almost two centuries ago. Trade and exchange of ideas have flourished since then and persist even now that the god is dead and his empire fallen.

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The known world spans from the lovely island or Oraia in the west to the beautiful island of Lydia in the east. Both of them are sparsely populated and have little in natural resources but their beauty.

At the center of the former empire lies Aeolia, at least it did once. The glorious metropolis of the heavens sank into a never-ending Maelstrom during a cataclysmic event, about which there is little information and many legends and myths. Its surviving people have fled throughout the world, their god gone and their empire in ruins.

The two large masses of land right next to the remnants of Aeolia are Gaea, home of the Gaeans and domain of the Republic of Tiber, and the harsh lands of Phrygia, with its large desert Badlands — home of the Minotauren people — and the Ashari ruled city-states of Nahrain.


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